A Huge Pomelo Garden with council water
Redland Bay

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Your Rare Investment Opportunity for A Huge Pomelo Garden
This huge pomelo garden is located on a rich and flat land between Brisbane CBD (30-minute drive) and Redland city (10-minute drive). The total area is as large as 42,716 m² (4.27 ha.) and fully fenced. It enjoys favorite climate, abundant water resources (including city council water supply), and beautiful views.
There are 500 pomelo trees in the garden currently, which produce approx. 20 tons, earning around $100,000/yearly.
The Pomelos from this garden are very welcomed. They are patronized on the markets both in Queensland and other states in Australia.
Thanks to its unique location and the beautiful gardened scenery views, it becomes a wonderful attraction drawing tourist from all places on the harvest seasons; it is also a paradise for weddings. People enjoying delicious pomelos and the natural gardened view are reluctant to leave. Many weddings take place here every year on the season.
There is a styled family house in the garden providing four bedrooms, two bathrooms and four parking spaces.
- Land size: 42,716 m² (4.27 ha.);
- Fenced;
- Bedrooms: 4
- Bathrooms: 2
- Carpark: 4
- Pomelo trees: 500
- Annual yields: 20tons
- Annual income from pomelos:$100,000
Victoria Point State High School - Secondary Government 2.75 km St Ritas Catholic Primary School - Primary Catholic 2.79 km Mount Cotton State School - Primary Government 3.15 km Redland Bay State School - Primary Government 3.35 km
Faith Lutheran College – Redlands - Combined Independent 3.72 km
大型柚子园!您难得的投资机会! 50年首次上市。有市政水的稀有柚子园。柚子甘甜,味道独特 !
该柚子花园位于布里斯班 CBD(30 分钟车程)和雷德兰市(10 分钟车程)之间,土地肥沃地势平坦。总面积达 42,716 平方米(4.27 公顷),有围栏。气候适宜,水资源充足 (有市政水),景色宜人。
园内现有柚子树约 500 余株,年产柚子约 20顿,年收入约 澳币10 万元。一手业主,年事已高,期待新的业主继续扩大经营,打造旅游度假胜地,拓展柚子产业,柚子全身是宝。柚子酒,柚子饮料等。
该柚子园出产的柚子甘甜不酸,受到各地消费者的欢迎,在昆士兰州和澳大利亚其它各州均供不应求。 凭借其独特的地理位置,优美的园林风光,每当丰收季节,这里便是尚佳的游览和举办婚礼的理想场所,吸引着众多的游客。他们在这里品尝柚子欣赏风光,流连忘返。
面积:42,716 平方米(4.27 公顷);
面积:42,716 平方米(4.27 公顷)
- 卧室: 4
- 浴室: 2
- 停车位: 4
- 柚子树: 500
- 年产量:20顿
- 柚子年收入:100,000 元


Anita Zhang